Audition Tips

Pick the Right Song
Perform a musical theater song that fits your voice, shows off your vocal range and skills and is in the style of the show. Directors have heard numerous times songs from Wicked and Greatest Showman, surprise them with something else. Make sure your minus track is already downloaded onto your device as the internet at the community center is sometimes fickle. Have any sheet music marked for the accompanist with a start and stop point. No A’capella, must have a minus track or sheet music!

Show that you are prepared and confident! Be ready (Slate) announce your name and the song that you’ll be singing. Dress up and look professional, smile, buy soma online, show your personality, and have your song memorized! When you are done thank the directors for their time!!!

Take Direction
If the director stops you or asks you to re-sing a part just smile and do it. Show that you can take direction! Don’t apologize if you’re sick or forget the words just keep going.

Your audition starts as soon as you enter the community center! Even when you are waiting for your turn. Riverton Arts Council staff is watching and taking note of anybody not being respectful, kind, and easy to work with!!!

Be Upfront
Directors really do want to know if you’re really interested in a particular role. They would rather you know upfront than have to reveal your preference after they have spent hours painstakingly casting the show.